Love your Pet.
Change the World.

At IYAYU we believe the greatest weapons in the fight against human trafficking are LOVE and ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT. Inspired by the unconditional love and loyalty that pets provide in our lives, we created a collection of pet products each individually handcrafted by survivors of trafficking, poverty and abuse. 100% of profits from each sale will fund programs and initiatives of Global PEHT: Partnership to End Human Trafficking – Dedicated to lifting human trafficking victims out of a life of poverty and abuse through awareness, restoration and economic support

Global PEHT (Partnership to End Human Trafficking) is a social enterprise and global community aimed at offering a sustainable, long-term strategy to aid in the fight to end human trafficking – the fastest growing illegal business in the world.

trafficked across borders a year
of those trafficked victims are women
0yrs old
average age a teen enters the sex trade
of trafficking involves sexual exploitation

Love Your Pet, Change the World

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