IYAYU is a pet lifestyle brand and collection of artisanal dog collars and leashes, aromatherapy soy candles, and other essential oil pet products, handmade by survivors of sex trafficking, poverty, abuse and addiction.

100% of IYAYU profits fund programs and initiatives of Global PEHT: Partnership to End Human Trafficking.

Inspired by the unconditional love we receive from our pets, IYAYU products are made with love by courageous survivors, and the sale of each product supports rehabilitation programs and initiatives for survivors of trafficking, poverty, abuse and addiction around the globe


Love Your Pet. Change the World

Elizabeth Koldyke Boolbol


MBA, Kellogg Graduate School of Business, Northwestern University
BA, Dartmouth College

“IYAYU” pet apparel brand was developed by Greenwich, CT resident, Elizabeth Koldyke Boolbol. A devoted animal lover, philanthropist and human rights activist, Elizabeth was inspired to launch her social justice cause following years of international mission work with World Vision and witnessing the horrors of human trafficking, both internationally and in her own community. In 2015, Elizabeth founded Global PEHT: Partnership to End Human Trafficking – a charitable organization committed to ending human trafficking, the fastest growing illegal business in the world – through awareness, restoration and by providing economic empowerment to survivors of prostitution, addiction, abuse and victims of global poverty. To help fund the Global PEHT’s programs and initiatives and to create greater awareness of what has beed called the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time, Elizabeth leveraged her love for pets and created the pet product retail brand IYAYU, pet speak for “I Love You”. Inspired by the unconditional love and loyalty that pets provide in our lives, the collection of pet-related products are handcrafted by sex-trade survivors and individuals whose economic vulnerability makes them targets of international traffickers. 100% of IYAYU profits fund programs and initiatives of Global PEHT: Partnership to End Human Trafficking.

Global PEHT (Partnership to End Human Trafficking) is a social enterprise and global community aimed at offering a sustainable, long-term strategy to aid in the fight to end human trafficking – the fastest growing illegal business in the world, specifically targeting the sex trade. 

We will take a multi-tiered approach, modeled after the highly-successful Thistle Farms social enterprise in Nashville, Tennessee. We believe that the two greatest weapons in the fight against Human Trafficking are unconditional love and economic empowerment.


  • Open a residential recovery home in the northeast corridor for victims of trafficking and domestic abuse, funded by Global PEHT. The two-year program will offer housing and access to medical care, therapy and job training for the victims. 
  • Provide economic empowerment to victims through proper education, job training, micro finance, and opportunities for employment in the pet care services industry. Employment opportunities may include, dog walking, veterinary assistant, grooming, boarding, training, pet store associate, etc.

Learn more at www.globalpeht.org

trafficked across borders every year
of those trafficked victims are women
0yrs old
average age a teen enters the sex trade
of trafficking involves sexual exploitation