Tick Repellant


A natural alternative for battling ticks and protecting your best furry friend, IYAYU Tick Repellant is manufactured by women survivors of sex trafficking, abuse and addiction and is a safe, effective, and DEET-free alternative to other toxic tick products for dogs. IYAYU blends the natural geranium oil based insect repellent with other oils known to naturally repel both ticks and insects with a pleasant odor.

– This product;s organic rose geranium oil is produced by Ikirezi, a Rwandan farming cooperative, which employs survivors of the 1994 genocide
– Fresh Natural Scent
– Lab tested
– Formula also includes spearmint, lemongrass, & peppermint oils
– Available in; 4 fl. oz

Usage: Shake well, Spray once behind each shoulder blade and at the top of the base of the tail. Avoid the face and nose. Apply every 2-3 hours as needed. Do not use with cats.